Busylight Features and When You Would Need It

Busylight is a tool used in relation to communication tools. It refers to an online light indicator that is used especially in the workplace to let others know that you are using the phone.  The busy light comes with a long cord that allows you to place it where it is visible for others to view it. this is supposed to be especially suitable for those who are used to having the headset on all the time.

Working of busy light

The busy light indicator is a device that lets others know when you are on a call and when you are not. The busy lights usually have a long cord that makes it possible to keep it in a place that others can view it, making it possible for you to have a conversation without interruption especially in an open space arrangement at the workplace.  You also have busy lights that are a USB device that can be plugged on to your PC or laptop. It synchronizes with Skype or Lync and denotes when you are available or busy. It is a simple device that is easy to install and has an indicator that lights up when you are on a call and switches off when you have hanged up.  The process of installing the busy light includes the process of downloading and installing the driver and then plugging in the USB device would ensure that the busy light for the system is functioning.

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Benefits of using busy light

The aim of having the busy light is to ensure that you talk to a person uninterrupted as well as avoid disturbing a person when they are on a call.  This would be very useful in the workplace to attend calls without being intruded by co-workers or getting distracted from the conversation when someone next to you keeps talking without knowing you are on a call.

There has been a need for the busy lights in recent times because of the trend that is set where youngsters are seen wearing a headset all the time and attend the phone without having to use the handset.  Since there is no handset, it is not possible for the person who enters the room suddenly to know if you are talking over the phone or listening to music.  This is indeed a great way to ensure that business communication needs are met in an uninterrupted manner.

Better productivity- The busy light makes your colleagues or clients understand that you are talking with someone. the other special features such as missed call alert, holding call alert etc are features that will help in seamless communication The busy light will eliminate interruptions that would disrupt work. This means an increase in productivity.

Focus – lack of interruptions means lack of distractions. This increases the focus on the job. Apart from that, the special features of busy lights make handling conference calls and client phone calls easier by reducing the number of dropped calls, missed calls and lack of response which might actually frustrate the caller by letting them be aware of your status at the moment.

Last but not the least, there is ample scope to provide seamless client service that the client would be pleased of rather than having to listen to your colleague interrupting the conversation when you are negotiating a crucial issue.