What Do You Know About the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours from Las Vegas?

The Grand Canyon can be enjoyed the best perhaps by taking a helicopter ride across the Grand Canyon. There are several tour companies which offer Grand Canyon helicopter tours from Las Vegas to this magnificent piece of art carved by nature.

These helicopter rides are most popular from Las Vegas Nevada, and there are several different tours which fit different budgets. On these tours, the tourist can gain a remarkable view of the Grand Canyon.


Specifics of the tour

The duration of these helicopter Grand Canyon Las Vegas tours are usually 30 minutes or longer. One can marvel at the beauty of the canyons, the entire landscape unfolds right before the eyes, and one can have a fabulous view of the Hoover Dam.

The helicopter tours usually are taken from Las Vegas from the strip, and the entrance fee is usually included in the cost when booking this through the travel agents. These tours generally also include a complimentary pickup and drop off at the hotel where the tourist is staying.

There are tours to the south rim, the north rim, east rim and west rim of the Grand Canyon. This is around two and a half hours from Las Vegas, and usually, the two companies combine this activity with a meal which is given.

When one enters the rim of the Grand Canyon, the helicopter rides usually include the descent right to the Canyon floor and ascent back up to the rim of the Canyon.


However, what one needs to know and be aware of is that based on the number of travelers portions of the trip could be refundable or nonrefundable. Usually, if the number of travelers exceeds ten then nearer to the date of the tour, the entire portion will be nonrefundable in case of cancellations. However, if the number of travelers is just one or two, there are chances that a certain portion of the cost can be recovered in case of cancellations.

When people are checking for these helicopter tours, they should be aware that in cases of bad weather or unforeseen circumstances, the trip can either be adjusted or canceled temporarily.

Other factors

There are also language services which can be asked for when using these helicopter tours. There are a wide variety of languages which inform the tourist of what is it that they are seeing and what they need to be looking out for.


When considering the pricing for the Grand Canyon helicopter tour, the persons should be aware that an adult is usually considered as someone who is over the age of 12, a child is between the age of 2 and 12 and those children who are lesser than 2 years old are considered as lap children and are not charged. Also in case, the passenger weighs more than 300 pounds, the tour companies may ask the passenger to purchase an additional seat.