What Kind of Equipment is Needed By an Arborist in Sydney

The arborists in Sydney use various tools and equipment. They are also termed as tree doctors as their main pursuit is preventing diseases as well as treating trees. To be an arborist in Sydney, this requires not only knowledge but a great deal of expertise as well.

The right equipment and tools are needed not only when climbing the tree but also when sawing off branches or limbs and also ensuring that the branches as well as the limbs fall in the targeted location  and doesn’t pose any hazard to passers-by or to the arborist. This is of prime importance as there is a danger to other persons and the arborists as well.


Kinds of equipment used

There are three main categories of equipment which are used by arborist Sydney Inner West and all over the world.

Rigging equipment

This rigging equipment is like trekking equipment and is used when the arborist wants to climb huge trees and wants to bring down the limbs which they have cut – safely to the ground region. This is also used to move power tools as well as heavy equipment when it is needed up or to lower it to the ground. Some of these rigging tools which are used by arborists are pulleys as well as blocks, and there are heavy duty slings as well as light slings, there are friction brakes, rigging plates, power pullers, winches, cables, cable hoists, rigging thimbles, swivels and other such equipment.

Cutting Equipment

The second kind of equipment is known as cutting equipment. The cutting equipment is used for repair or as a kind of treatment, and it could also be used as a means of maintenance or prevention. Cutting equipment consists of hatchets, hedge trimmers, chain saws, axes, pruners,  hand pruners, pole saws as well as tree loppers.

Climbing equipment

The third type of equipment is known as climbing equipment, and this is very important for the safety and well being of not only the arborist but also of the trees. Climbing tools and climbing and safety equipment used by arborist Sydney Inner West consists of hard hats, helmets, saddles, gloves which help in gripping, protective glasses, straps, protective clothing, spurs, equipment for ascending as well as descending, radios to help communicate,  tails, eye slings, pulleys,  rope, carabiners and first aid kits.

However, all these tools and equipment are of no use if the arborist is not aware or trained on how to use this equipment. These professionals are given special training and also need to be given the experience so that they can efficiently as well as safely even remove huge limbs of trees or even whole trees that are dead or rotten and thus pose a safety hazard.

They also are able to trim as well as prune trees and prevent diseases from spreading from infected to good trees. Thus the arborists in Sydney as in other places of the world play a vital role in the preservation and conservation of trees.